A personalized approach towards delivering education in Cambodia.

Our educational approach is not about converting education online and integrating the most-up-to-date technology into the classroom. Technology is definitely not our end goal, but a means to achieve efficiency and the best possible learning outcomes.

Heard about Edemy before?

We’re an ed-tech company working to equalize access to quality learning for everyone everywhere. We believe that everyone can learn anything if they put an effort into it and are given enough time and support. We approach problems in educations by tapping into the latest education and problem-solving methodologies such as Competency-Based Learning, Blended Learning, and Human-Centered Design & Research.

We’ve worked with 11 social enterprises, schools, companies and NGOs to deliver online learnings. Our learning products and services include the Learning Management System (LMS), online learning tutorials for English, STEM, and Soft-skills, and Tesdopi.

Our latest solution is Tesdopi តេស្ត១២, the first mobile learning app in Cambodia that enables high school students to track their learning proficiency in math and science subjects. 5000+ users are using the app every day. The goal is to help prevent the students from falling behind in their learning and to grow an appreciation for learning especially for STEM subjects. Recently, Tesdopi App has won 3 awards back-to-back including “The Best Social Innovation of the Year 2019” Award of the Ministry of Post and Communication (MPTC), “Startupper of the Year 2019” and “Top Female Entrepreneur” Award of Total Cambodge.

Online Content Development

On-demand online/offline content creation and content conversion to online tutorials.

Competency-based Learning

Tesdopi: Mobile-based assessment and learning tools for students to achieve Competency-based Learning.

Learning Management System

Online/offline learning platform for students and for educators and administrators

Education Project Management

Project-based consultation in education and technology.

kosal and mum
“I understand Edemy’s lessons more, so I want to come to class more.”
black an white_girls
Edemy’s class is better because I can first start studying with a tablet and then learn the lesson again with the teacher. So I get the content twice. I think that public school textbook is easy, but Edemy’s is harder.”

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