Impact Snapshot

Edemy has been assigned and responsible for an ENGLISH program at six centers located in Kampong Cham, Prey Veng and Siem Reap. Edemy has provided an English course to 410 low-income students in a project called “Investing in adolescence girl in Cambodia: pathway to a brighter future”. Below is some snapshot of our student's learning.

Stories of Impact

Kosal Kourn

One day, Kosal returned home and lamented that he failed his first English test at Edemy, Mrs. Nen Bo, Kosal’s mother recalled. Kosal grew up with his single mother, two grand mothers and a sister. As a struggling farmer, Kosal’s mother, Mrs. Bo said she wanted her kids to get office jobs. Unlike his peers, Kosal could not afford private tutoring classes (rien kuor). Therefore, often time, he borrowed his friends’ notebooks and practiced the extra lessons and exercises by himself. At lunchtime, Kosal would go to the Edemy Learning Center for his English class. After failing his first Unit Test, Kosal worked harder. He rarely missed a session, be it the online session or the facilitator session. Because grammar and pronunciation were his weakest areas, Kosal liked the fact that Edemy’s lessons in the learning platform were well resourced and allowed him to learn at his own pace. “I understand Edemy’s lessons more, so I want to come to class more,.” said Kosal. At home, Kosal studied until 10:00 pm every night, his mother reported. Having exposed to the tablet learning at Edemy, he also became more confident in using technology. He usually practiced English by watching the YouTube clips. ,,Kosal was a very avid reader as well. Since attending Edemy program, Kosal read over 40 books, earning the Edemy Super Reader Award – Platinum. He said he would have liked to read more if the other kids didn’t borrow the books or there were more books available for him. From Unit 1 to Uni 12, Kosal improved tremendously and consistently, rising to the top of the class and achieved the “Outstanding Student Award”. In a 100% scale, his proficiency level increased dramatically by 76% in less than one year with Edemy. Having demonstrated a strong commitment in learning, Kosal was appointed a Class Leader by Edemy in March this year.