Edemy is the blender of quality content, technology and delivery.

Edemy combines services, software solutions and hardware offering a blended learning experience to the end users (students, teachers and school administrators) via social franchising model. The blended methodology of self-paced learning on Edemy’s offline platform allows:
Students to study at their own speed and schedule
Edemy to provide quality content while increase on teacher’s efficiency and capacity

Learning Management Platform for Students (Front-end)

LMS – Front-End is an online tool for students to learn their lessons online. There is a choice to either use it cloud-based/online or offline.

Key Features:

  • Placement test anywhere and anytime.
  • Get quick and accurate test result on their proficiency level
  • Students are guided through step-by-step learning
  • Khmer and English script compatible

Learning Management Platform for Course Administrator (Backend)

Backend is a behind-the-scene tools in which teachers plan lesson, assign classes, and track student progress. At the same time, the built-in report engine offers a variety of ready to use standard reports that allow a comprehensive end to end management of schools, students and learning progress.

Key Features:

  • Course and content planning and relationship mapping tools and lesson planners
  • Teacher can create their own content and leverage sample content from Edemy
  • Learning Management System (LMS) standard reports available
  • Reports can be viewed online and offline

Our Clients

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