Blended English Program

Edemy offers the first blended curriculum in Cambodia. We have developed the curriculum including books and course programs in-house by our experts with an education degree from the US and advised by two ELT professors in the US and Canada.

The Curriculum

In English language learning, there are two types of contents – accuracy and fluency. The former refers to using the language correctly, while the latter refers to using the language naturally and quickly. In an Edemy’s curriculum, accuracy and fluency contents are finely differentiated. All accuracy contents are pre-made and delivered through the technology while fluency contents are delivered through facilitated sessions with local teachers trained by Edemy. The online learning program is designed and taught by some of the best teachers who have a post-graduate degree in education from Cambodia, the UK, and the US. It includes instructional videos, interactive quizzes, and practices with instant feedback stored in Edemy’s learning software.

The Coursebook

Edemy course book’s content is 50% local, 25% regional and 25% global. Localised contents help students learn faster and better since they can relate more to the materials than foreign commercial textbooks. In addition, students are also exposed to regional and international topics such as sports, culture, and attractions to broaden their perspective. What makes us stand out is that our content includes emotional skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communication, religious and diversity tolerance to thrive in this fast-moving world.

Extracurricular Activities

Students can improve their English and critical thinking skills through our public speaking, writing, reading, programs and skill workshops. At Edemy, students are encouraged to read extensively. There are about 120 books at every center encompassing a wide range of topics and levels to stimulate students’ curiosity and interests, from the imaginary world of Alice in Wonderland to the world of humpback whales in Alaska to the star system in the galaxy far far away. At the end of every reading, students then proceed on to write their impression of the book they have read. Sometimes, they rewrite the story they have read; at the other time, they write about how they find a (fictional) hero they have come to adore.