How we began

``Once there's a will, there's a way.``

“Once there’s a will there’s a way” is the motto that we have been growing up with. We are a group of friends who have bonded while doing the community service over the years and have come to realize the large disparity in Cambodia’s education landscape. We have come to recognize our luck in being immersed in an enriching social ecosystem where learning resources are readily available and where inspiration is although not too abundant but accessible. Our chance to volunteer is also pre-determined by the privilege we possess. On the other hand our student beneficiaries learn in an environment where choice is limited. For instance, there is only one English teacher in their entire community; a geography teacher is tasked to teach biology; and a primary school teacher is tasked to teach in a high school without any training because there aren’t any. Such profound disparity in education access inspires us to be committed to delivering quality education by developing a solution that is an intersection of education and technology using our combined expertise. We are determined to create the same level of playing field that everyone can proudly claim “Once there’s a will there’s a way”.

Our Education Philosphy

Putting Education in Context: The Forest View vs The Tree View

In its forest view vs tree view what does education have to do with a better world. Education should enable people to become more human and to make the most out of oneself no matter what environment they are in. To become more human is to be able to see a big picture of life in creating a sustainable world that will prosper not just for oneself but for people around and will sustain not just within this present generation but future generations. It is the ability to bring a better world which transcends the barriers of territory race and religion. Education should not be just about getting educated people to look for their best opportunities but to create their best opportunities in any situation. Everyone has something to contribute to a better world but they need a means to do so. At the current state people could not have contributed to the world as much as their ability allows them to. There are smart and hardworking people out there in remote corners of the world who could not make much use of themselves due to the lack of access to quality education. Education needs to bring out the best in humanity by providing a means to accommodate their different individualities and to churn out their individual potentials. There is no single approach to success; there is always more than one way to achieve the same goal. Some people might be slow some might be reserved but they all can be successful by walking their own paths.

Our Education Model

Our education approach is not about converting education online and integrating the most-up-to-date technology into the classroom. Technology is definitely not our end goal but a means to achieve efficiency and the best possible learning outcomes.

So with the forest view of education, we at Edemy strives to create an education model best suited to individual students’ circumstance while fostering a collaborative learning community. This is where Blended Learning comes in. The blended learning is most suited for a resource-constraint environment like Cambodia because it exponentially extrapolates our scarce teaching resources to an unlimited reach while at the same time upgrades the skills of community teachers who might have been under-trained otherwise. More importantly, it makes the learning experience more personalized through self-paced and individualized learning.

Personalized Learning

Personalised learning refers to the instruction that is optimized for each learner’s need and learning pace. The student can study at their own speed no matter if they are slow, medium or fast learners. There is no need to force students to move on or wait for others. All types of learners are encouraged to achieve mastery learning which means that they should master a topic before moving to the next.

Individualized Learning

Individualized learning refers to a learning approach that centers around students’ interests. For instance, if a student is passionate about rocket science, her/his subjects should focus on that area and less on other unnecessary courses. We keep refreshing our curriculum to be more individualized to help bring out the best in our students.

Raspberry Pi

The Tech Model


The philosophy behind our technology model is that we do not need a hundred thousand dollar technology solution to create a Learning Lab. Can you imagine a USD2000 Learning Lab serving about 400 students? That is our magic. What is important is to devise a system that is lean
intuitive and simple enough that the whole center can simply be run by a high school student. This simple and low-cost innovation enables Edemy to bring quality education to areas where there are no English teachers nor reliable Internet. Edemy’s technology model is = designed to fit with rural school conditions where the Internet connection is unreliable and with limited resources. Our education-in-a-box package consists of three main components:


Raspberry Pi and Router: The Raspberry Pi is “the sorcerer’s stone” of Edemy Learning Center. This small single-board computer functions as a mini server that stores all Edemy’s lessons and students’ data. With only a router, an intranet ecosystem is created so that students can access the online content via tablets without the Internet (Wicked, right?). Our current technology can store up to 400 one-hour videos, which is enough for 1.5 years of studying.


Tablets are the new classroom. Students can start learning as soon as they log into the platform. This offline technology retains all the online functionalities including instructional videos, interactive quizzes, performance tracking and personalized feedback. With only 30 tablets per center, we can service up to 400 students at different time slots.

Solar Panel: The Power Supply

Battery and a solar panel: Where there is no reliable electricity, a solar panel and a battery are installed. The whole center lightens up with only $60 cost.