We’re a small team of 12 people with limited resources, but want to maximize our footprints and impacts in education. There are specific attributes we are looking for in a team:

Technical knowledge: have strong technical knowledge and experiences and understand how to apply those knowledge for a given task.

Grit:  Things changed, plan canceled, product delayed; these had happened, but our goal has never been changed. The team will need the ability to persevere and bounce back to adapt to bring the best possible outcome while staying focused on the big picture.

Learning: we believe that everyone can learn anything and no one should stop learning. The ability to stay curious, read, research and bring a new idea to the team is highly encouraged at Edemy.

Teamwork: able to work as a team including cross-functional teams to create the best possible product and solution to our end users.

Work Ethics: Responsible and reliable person. And most important of all, don’t compromise impact and quality work for convenience.